Meet the Team

Our founding team brings expertise from the worlds of information technology, financial services, security and fraud prevention, ubiquitous payments, telecommunications and more

Brian Maw 

Brian Maw is the CEO of Finnovant with over 20 years of leadership in innovation. The outdoorsy executive focuses on international payments and the financial services industry.His history working at very large payment networks as well as fast paced start-ups, providing consulting and strategic advice of global innovative products, mobile and digital wallets, blockchains, biometrics, fraud management, and contactless payment.His leadership is instrumental and experience makes Brian a necessity to the Finnovant team. When he is not working hard in innovating the technology and finance world, he is camping, fishing, traveling, and spending time with his wonderful family.

Chris Benedict
COO, Chief Operating Officer

Chris Benedict is the North America Sales Lead with an MBA in Finance and Marketing and a self-proclaimed “golden retriever dad.” His passion is in launching innovative technologies, making him an imperative asset to the Finnovant team. He has a background working the global payment markets and emerging technologies in both the large company scale and startup environments. In his spare time, he enjoys working on his vehicles as he is a car fanatic especially interested in German and Italian cars.

Sandra Mathews
Director of Marketing

Sandra Mathews, an educator and certified researcher, is Finnovant’s Director of Marketing. Ms. Mathews brings an incredible knowledge and background having studied at both Gonzaga University (Accounting and Finance), and Eastern Washington University (School Psychology). She has worked in education for many years and has developed a deep passion for crypto, Blockchain, and new technology. During the pandemic, Ms. Mathews also spent quality time keeping up on the latest developments in these technologies and in consideration of how Finnovant products can help bring important change to the world. Ms. Mathews is dedicated to developing innovative marketing concepts that highlight the security and ease of use for Finnovant customers, while helping to diligently launch Finnovant’s BIOFI token in the global markets. Ms. Mathews works tirelessly to provide a simple way for people to understand technology products, while ensuring Finnovant customers receive the most amazing service.

Kwok LH Wong
General Manager Asia Pacific

Hi! I am Humility Wong, born and educated in Hong Kong, China. I am very excited to be an integral part of the Finnovant team and love to try new things and make a difference in the world. I have a restless heart, and back in the day, during my time at University, I worked in a theme park as a part-time dish washer. I found while working at the theme park that all the washers were too tired working in the fixed modes of their positions and the work efficiency was low. Soon I imagined a new way of washing the dishes, and the workload related to this effort was reduced over 33%. The theme park asked me to stay on after my graduation to be a manager and to continue the improvements, although my desire was to explore and chase my dreams.

Megan Liu
Asia Pacific Business Dev & Sales Mgr.

Director of Global Business Development at Finnovant.  With intense working experiences in the US and various Asian countries, Maggie is an accomplished entrepreneur and business professional with client management accountability across Asia and the US markets.  Maggie speaks Two languages, English and Mandarin and works passionately to help shape the future of Finnovant products.

Maggie Lin
Director, Global Business Development

Meet Maggie Lin, Director Global Business Development at Finnovant.  With intense working experiences in the US and various Asian countries, Maggie is an accomplished entrepreneur and business professional with client management accountability across Asia and the US markets.  Maggie speaks Two languages, English and Mandarin and works passionately to help shape the future of Finnovant products.

Tyler Cunningham
Ethos Project Manager

Tyler has been involved in the crypto space since he was first told about Bitcoin in 2014, but has truly immersed himself in all the aspects of it within the past 5 years. He explored different tokens and products before finding his place in the world of Non-Fungible Tokens. Infatuated with the endless possibilities of real-life use cases and the importance of verified ownership of assets, he aimed to learn as much as he could.

Ed Reidhead
Web/Mobile Developer

Meet Eddie Reidhead, developer at Finnovant and army veteran with in-depth business experience, technical skills, and a passion for helping people.  Eddie believes in hard work, collaboration, taking amazing care of customers, and is a servant leader among his team members.

David G. Barron
Lead Metaverse Developer

David's development prowess not only includes the likes of  C++, Python, Java and JavaScript, but extends into a decade of game development with Unreal Engine.  He is passionate about coding and its creative process. He has a deep knowledge of video game development, architectural visualization, and 3D-modeling. All of the above compliment David's expertise in data structures and algorithms. David also has experience in desktop apps and web app development.

Angel Ramos
UI/UX Graphical Engineer

Angel has been invested in the crypto space since 2017, his friend found an article that explained how Bitcoins blockchain ledger worked, and his interest was spiked due to his technical background in databases, and server technology working with technologies like LAMP, Web 3.0 for previous projects he knew that bitcoin was something that was an essential missing component to the current infrastructure and would complete the puzzle for a payment system that would fit right into our highly evolving technical world. After learning about bitcoin he learned about Ethereum which made even more sense due to availability of smart contracts that would basically let you program the way the value is distributed through the blockchain which he envisioned as the perfect way to integrate blockchain technology and revolutionize the way our economy and society works on a digital world. A little background on his skillset Angel has been working with: Computer Graphics software such as: Adobe illustrator, Photoshop for 5+ years, Affinity Designer 1+ years, Vectornator 2+ years, Apple motion and Final Cut Pro 3+ years, has 24yrs experience in the tech field repairing and analyzing computer and software problems and has brought all of his experience with him and applied it into the world of blockchain which makes it much easier to understand Web 3.0 as its really the next evolution technology.Angel was also originally part of the DogeRun Blockchain game that is now Ethos Metaverse which is a hyper-realistic digital space world mirroring our own galaxy.Creating a world for builders to create and for creatives to thrive. He is part of the graphics design team for Ethos metaverse and the BioFi project.

Thomas Davis
Metaverse Developer

I studied at Volunteer State Community College and Mott Community College, majoring in Art and Science with a minor in education. I have 5 years of experience using Blender for 3D design making dreams reality. I have updated my game, Glow Home, weekly for 2 years using Unreal Engine. I love working at Finnovant. This company is an amazing, inspirational group of people I am proud to be a part of . I have 2 daughters (8 and 5). I have been with my fiancé for 15 years. Those 3 ladies are my entire world. My hobbies include drawing and collecting crystals.

Our Advisors

Benjamin Diggles
Chief Strategy Officer, Constellation Network, Project Advisor

I have been an active participant in web, software development and digital design for over 20 years from both practitioner and leadership positions. I pride myself on the ability to build, mentor and inspire teams to collaborate cross-departmentally in order to drive true sustainable strategic results. My focus is on go-to-market of emerging Enterprise software solutions with a specialization in Blockchain, Mobile and Mobility.

Phil Dixon
Advisor, Business Development

I am an executive with 25+ years of financial payments product management experience. I have subject matter expertise with transaction processing using EMV smart cards, NFC and contactless payment card technology, mobile, and digital wallets. These activities have been with Visa and TD Bank on the side of payment card issuance, as well as with numerous transit fare payment programs in support of large transportation operators (e.g. New York MTA). This has also included launching tokenization solutions, including Apple Pay and Android Pay from the perspective of an issuing bank.

Cliff Jurgens
Advisor, Customer Success

Enthusiastic hands-on leader focused on helping businesses grow, refine and improve strategy, and develop processes to assure consistent and repeatable results.
Proven experience in increasing revenues through business development, consultation, metrics and focus. Manage change processes, quality processes, develop, grow and retain relationships internally and across various industries.

Rick Toman
Advisor, Chief Strategist Torus Solutions

Less consultant, more catalyst. That’s how I see my role – and the role of Torus Solutions. When an organization wants change, surveying the landscape and developing a strategy is only half the battle. Best laid plans are wasted without execution. With a bias towards action and getting results, check our website ( for solutions we can offer.