Ethos Metaverse

ABOUT DOGERUN.IO is a fair play-to-earn NFT racing game utilizing Chainlink’s VRF, crossing the immutability of blockchain gaming with the user friendly experience of Doge to bring a unique experience to gamers across the globe where these giant Moon Doges race across space competitively, to win scraps and prizes.

A max supply of 7777 Ethos Moon Doge NFTs will exist.
$BioFi will be the ecosystem utility token that reduces fees & increases payouts within the game as well as offers a variety of voting, rewards & applications. An In-Game Utility Token with Governance & ownership, masked under the cunning guise of the lovable Shiba Inu.

You can download the Ethos Metaverse and play DogeRun by visiting the BioFi App site. 


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