NFT and Metaverse

Problem:  Need a way to validate the originator/owner of an NFT or of an item stored in the Metaverse: With the high growth of NFT’s and global interest in defining the Metaverse there is a fast developing requirement by many individuals to maintain integrity of the items contained within the Metaverse and identify owners of NFT’s.

Solution:  BioFi web 3.0 and on device authentication services: The identification of the originator/owner of an NFT or of an item stored in the Metaverse can be accomplished with BioFi.  The types of items that can be claimed on the Metaverse are endless, including such items as weapons that are utilized in gaming, or the avatar associated with the real live person, which may in itself be an NFT.  This is such a high growth area ripe with new innovations, which makes it a perfect match for BioFi technology.  The on device solution could work within apps or chip sets that are tied to gaming, immersive experiences, training systems, while the web solution would work within browser based experiences. This solution will undoubtedly include many new partnerships, along with new innovations, and assist with helping expand the BioFi community.