Operations & Roadmap 

To ensure the success of the BioFi ecosystem, the Finnovant technology and operations teams believe in continual improvements in product development and will produce the highest level of quality that can be achieved. We all expect the highest quality in our software products and our physical mobile devices, especially when they are utilized to provide secure access, buy or sell crypto, make a call or send a text, take a picture or integrate with our partners and customers.  Every decision our company makes comes back to a major tenet, which is to incrementally improve the quality and reliability of our products with the greatest security, and ease of use for the users.

The implementation of smartphone devices requires a special relationship between the manufacturing and operations teams.  The mobile node device shares the same quality goals, with a penchant for rigorous and continual quality assurance as with our software development. We have implemented a highly efficient manufacturing quality process, with on-site inspections and collaboration to mitigate any defects during the manufacturing process of the smartphone.