Frequently Asked Questions

What is $Biofi?

$BioFi, short for Biometric Financial, is a utility token and a secure set of solutions developed by Finnovant, Inc., leveraging the blockchain and decentralized services. BioFi addresses the concerns many people have about safeguarding their personal data and being safe from exploitation by fraudsters. 

Why are biometrics a part of the BioFi solution?

Safeguarding access to sensitive information and assets is a major concern of consumers today.  Cyber criminals have become adept at stealing usernames and passwords often resulting in identity theft and or stolen assets.  BioFi helps solve this problem (along with eliminating the need for Captcha) bringing the speed, security, and anonymity of biometric identity to the blockchain and the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. 

How can BioFi protect my information and my assets?

BioFi’s use cases are practically limitless, from covering the basic elements of authentication for logins, password resets, and payments to updating sensitive information, and providing access to IoT device functions. BioFi is truly global in nature, not bound by a single language or territory, and designed to be user friendly with the added benefit of helping people feel more secure as access is tied to them individually.

Will you sell or share my information?

Finnovant does not believe in, or participate in, collecting, selling, or sharing your personal information with anyone that you do not authorize.  We believe big corporations should not take advantage of, monetize, or abuse the personal information they are storing on your behalf. The BioFi ecosystem is being designed to give the individual control over their own identity, how it is used, and who has access to it.

I'm interested in having my company participate in the BioFi ecosystem. What do I need to do?

Finnovant is eager to welcome additional companies to particiate in the BioFi ecosystem by bringing valuable, biometrically secured solutions to $BioFi holders.  Creating an easily accessible ecosystem, BioFi has the capability to support most industries. The immense value of the BioFi ecosystem includes:

  • Active portal for businesses and users implementing biometric security, where they can interact with API’s and prebuilt solutions, or offer products and services through a decentralized platform.
  • Control of sensitive information is given to consumers who will also have the ability to purchase relevant services with BioFi.

Please contact your team at Finnovant for more details at [email protected] or 844.724.8911 or connect through our social media channels including Twitter, Telegram and Facebook. 

How do I get BioFi?

$BioFi will be available on LATOKEN through 4/18/2022
MEXC trading begins on Wednesday, April 20th at 8AM UTC
Trader Joe trading begins on Wednesday, April 20th at 8:20AM UTC

for non U.S. buyers. Click here for more information:

When will the $BioFi token be available?

$BioFi sales are available starting March 28, 2022 for non U.S. buyers. Click here for more information:

Biofi Utility Token Ecosystem

…. BioFi Portal ….

Which countries are allowed to participate?

Non-US Countries not on the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) list are allowed to participate.

Will $BioFi be supported on UniSwap?

No the $BioFi Token contract is hosted on the AVAX network. Please make sure you only interact with the $BioFi AVAX Contract. 

Located here:

Where can I find the Tokenomics?

Please see the $BioFi Whitepaper and the Tokenomics section of our website,

What can I expect regarding transaction fees, gas fees, swap fees?

Our goal is to provide a great user experience with low transaction fees.  To obtain this goal our plan is to launch $BioFi on the Avalanche Network.

What device should I be using?

Any Chrome-based browser will work.

We are working on implementing a mobile version – to be announced soon.

When will my $BioFi be distributed on the launchpad where I purchased it?

Please refer to the launchpad information or communication channels. They will tell you when your $BioFi will be distributed.

Where can I use $BioFi?

$BioFi can be utilized for multiple purposes!

  • Receive rewards and perks and to gain access to the $BioFi ecosystem
  • Use UniSafeBox Password Manager
  • Schedule advertising in the Krptic Wallet
  • Purchase the API software development kit for the Biometrics prepay usage
  • Engage in games like DogeRun or access the Cyberlete platform
  • Access the upcoming insurance pool 

Please watch our newsletters and social media to see all of the new capabilities coming up. Sign up for our newsletter here (bottom of home page) or here (bottom of page). Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Telegram.

What do I do if I believe my rewards contained the wrong value?

Please go back to your dashboard where you will see your smart contract, the details of it, and what you received in that value. There should be enough information there to show how it was calculated.  If there is an issue in the rewards given at the end of the smart contract’s duration please reach out to our help desk so that we can assist.

After launchpads, which exchanges will host $BioFi?

We will be live on MEXC Global  and Trader Joe on the Avalanche network after 4/20/2022. Follow us on Twitter @Finnovant for further updates!

Which trading pairs will $BioFi work with?

$BioFi/$BTC, $BioFi/ETH, and $BioFi/$USDT



The offer I selected did not complete properly. Now what?

Remember, you have to go into Metamask (or your other WalletConnect compatible wallet) twice to approve your transaction. In some cases, users have forgotten to approve a transaction. In that case, you will need to retry. Pay close attention to prompts from your wallet and agree to details of the transfer. You should see confetti at the end of the process signifying that everything completed properly. No confetti means it did not work.

How do I report an issue?

Submit input form, found on our website (Request Assistance)

Include transaction details and wallet ID

Include the best e-mail to reach you

How do I use the $BioFi biometrics?

Before you begin, verify audio & visual working properly on your computer and that lighting and sound conditions are proper.

  1. Make sure you are using your PC, Mac or Chromebook. This will not work on an iPhone.
  2. Click on the “start preview” button.
  3. Wait until you see your face, then center it in the oval.
  4. Click the “start enrollment” button.
  5. When you see your face say “BioFi keeps my information safe.”
  6. Move your head slowly from side-to-side, or up and down, or in a circle when speaking.
  7. Wait until the “continue enrollment” button appears, then click it.
  8. Repeat the process two more times. After the third time, the system will process your enrollment (approximately 40 seconds).
  9. Click the “setup your user profile” button after successful enrollment.
  10. If the enrollment fails, click the “start preview” button and retry.
Can $BioFi be loaned to me?

Not at this time. 

If this becomes a product in the future, it will be announced through one of our social media outlets.  Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Telegram.

How do I close out the smart for my rewards package?

You will need to return to the website and go to your $BioFi dashboard to close out your smart contract after it has fully emitted.

What if I need to cancel my insurance contract (or game, or anything from a Provider)? Is there a way to refund my rewards or perks?

Unfortunately, there is no capability to cancel.  Each smart contract initiated must complete the full duration before the smart contract can provide it’s final output.

Does Finnovant have any products currently in market?

Yes!  Currently we have the Krptic wallet available for download on iOS and Android.  Additionally, we will have the biometrically secure UniSafe Box password manager available at launch too!  You can also see our Say-Tec technology as an on-chain solution with Governor Dao’s ($GDAO) Proof of Existence program.

Wallet FAQ’s

…. BioFi Portal ….


On entry to the home screen at, you will need a wallet containing $BioFi that is compatible with the BioFi ecosystem. We update our wallet support regularly. At the present time, we support the following wallets. Note that having multiple defi wallet extensions in your browser may create conflicts. The suggestion is to have only MetaMask as a browser extension and use WalletConnect for the other wallets.  We currently support:

MetaMask (through browser extension)
MetaMask (through WalletConnect)
imToken (through WalletConnect)
Trust Wallet (through WalletConnect)
Krptic Wallet (Coming soon through WalletConnect)


On the home screen of the BioFi portal, please sign in to your wallet before entering the BioFi portal. This will provide the best experience. Note that you will need a compatible wallet, containing $BioFi, and connected to the Avalanche chain.


Kriptic Wallet is coming soon to WalletConnect and then may be used within the $BioFi ecosystem portal. We recommend Finnovant’s Krptic wallet as your go-to digital wallet for all of your cryptocurrencies, secured by Say-Tec biometric authentication. The Krptic wallet includes an exchange feature and supports multiple blockchain standards (ERC-20, HRC20, and BEP20). Krptic is a free wallet found at the following app stores and will be compatible with ecosystem website soon:

 App Store
Google Play

Which wallet address should I use?

It is extremely important for you to be certain you are using the correct wallet address.  Double or triple check the address you’re using.  If you use the wrong address the assets could be lost.

Blockchain & Crypto

What is a smart contract?

When deployed to a blockchain, a smart contract is a set of instructions based on predetermined conditions that can be executed without intervention from third parties. The smart contract code defines how it responds to input, just like the code of any other computer program.

What does "deploying" mean?

Deploying a smart contract is the process of pushing the code to the blockchain, at which point it resides with an on-chain address. Once it’s deployed, the code cannot be changed and is said to be immutable.

How do smart contracts use oracles?

Oracles are most popularly used with Data Feeds. DeFi platforms like AAVE and Synthetix use Chainlink data feed oracles to obtain accurate real-time asset prices in their smart contracts.  Chainlink data feeds are sources of data aggregated from many independent Chainlink node operators. Each data feed has an on-chain address and functions that enable contracts to read from that address. For example, the ETH / USD feed

What is SnowTrace?

SnowTrace allows you to explore and search the Avalanche C-Chain blockchain for transactions, addresses, tokens, prices and other activities taking place on Avalanche C-Chain (AVAX)

What language is a smart contract written in?

The most popular language for writing smart contracts on Ethereum and EVM Chains is Solidity. It was created by the Ethereum Foundation specifically for smart contract development and is constantly being updated. Other languages exist for writing smart contracts on Ethereum and EVM Chains, but Solidity is the language used for Chainlink smart contracts.

What are oracles? Why are they important?

Oracles provide a bridge between the real-world and on-chain smart contracts by being a source of data that smart contracts can rely on, and act upon.

What is Metamask?

Contracts are deployed by other addresses on the network. To deploy a smart contract, you need an address. Not only that, but you need an address which you can easily use with Remix. Fortunately, MetaMask is just what is needed. Metamask allows anyone to create an address, store funds, and interact with Ethereum compatible blockchains from a browser extension. See

What is Etherscan?

Etherscan is the leading block explorer and analytics platform for Ethereum, a decentralized smart contracts platform. A block explorer is a search engine that allows users to easily lookup, confirm, and validate transactions that have taken place on the Ethereum Blockchain.

What is a dApp?

A decentralized application (dApp) is an application built on a decentralized network that combines a smart contract and a frontend user interface. is a dApp.