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BioFi Community Members can:

  • Choose reward options to earn rewards and perks
  • Enter to win weekly drawings – every Friday
  • Win NFTs
  • Access UniSafeBox Password Manager
  • Download Krptic Wallet
  • Order advertising for display on Krptic Wallet
  • Download and start using DogeRun Metaverse Game
  • Be one of the first to own the Phēnix X1 Blockchain Phone
  • Access
    • GovernorDAO (GDAO) and use Proof of Existence (POE)
    • Cyberlete Gaming (coming soon).
    • Alkimi’s Advertising on the Blockchain (coming soon)
  • Read all Finnovant newsletters and blogs and view informational videos
  • Learn about what the business members of our Ecosystem have to offer.
  • Be among the first to know about new projects building on the BioFi Ecosystem.

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